Our Philosophy

Customer service, commitment and integrity are the pillars we base our actions on. Working with our clients by providing security and compliance in addition to managed IT services allows them the ability to focus more on what they do best. This is Dulaney Group’s mission.

Our Focus

Dulaney Group touches all areas of technology including:

  • Servers

  • Desktops

  • Business Networking

  • Data Backup and Recovery

  • Network Security

  • IT Project Management

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuity

  • Risk Analysis

  • HIPAA Training

  • HIPAA Documentation-Policies, Procedures, and Forms


Dulaney group provides guidance on how to protect against fraud and abuse, ensure that HIPAA Rules on patient confidentiality are implemented and the impact upon the expectations of your patients.

Why Choose Us

Dulaney Group's comprehensive suite of services is all your business will ever need to take care of your business technology. HIPAA affects management in the way that it leads and supports health care staff. HIPAA also affects the technical side of health care agencies. The interoperability of software, hardware, and connectivity are governed by HIPAA to produce information quickly and securely. Dulaney Group helps you in your position as a health care worker to ensure the wrong people don’t have access to patient information. HIPAA sets severe penalties for noncompliance. These penalties can be either civil or criminal. The penalties are mostly financial but, in some cases, may include imprisonment. By partnering with Dulaney Group the amount of time you spend on administration is reduced and peace of mind is obtained


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Weekends by appointment only.

Closed on Major Holidays


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