How to fix sync failure.

With the latest Secure Drive, when any device hits sync failure, the admin will see it on Dashboard. Secure Drive will send a notification email, as a warning.


The failed task will be auto-retried. 

The sync failure notification will tell you which device hits the failure.

Please visit the device and check the System Sync Task status. If all tasks are running fine, you can ignore the notification. The auto-retry has fixed it. If not:

  • If the task is just paused, please resume it.

  • If System Sync Task failed, please check the Pending Retry subtask list. The list shows what subtasks fail.


Some common causes of sync failure:

  1. The user has no permission to upload files to the cloud folder. You can log in to the web portal and check whether the user can upload a text file to the folder.

  2. The account is full, so that no file can be uploaded. It can be checked from the web portal too. After the login web portal, check the storage usage for the account.

  3. The user has no permission to read the files in the source folder. Check the files in the source folder. Make sure the user who starts the windows client/server agent service has permission to read the file. And the file is not encrypted.

  4. Make sure the file is not locked in the cloud if the task is to upload a file.

  5. If the source is a shared folder attached to Secure Drive directly, make sure the password for the user configured to connect to the shared folder is correct. Can edit the share login credential in Team Folders

  6. If you don't think your failure is caused by any problem above, please retry the System Sync Task.


To retry the task, open windows client/server agent management console. Click the device name and select 'Task Manager.'